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The ISCAP/IPP virtual Workshops Towards 'Redefining accounting for tomorrow'


With Emeritus Professor Garry Carnegie (RMIT University)

The ISCAP/IPP virtual Workshops Towards ‘Redefining accounting for tomorrow’ with Emeritus Professor Garry Carnegie (RMIT University), held on the 15th and 22nd of September 2021, gathered in excess of 50 participants in each session, drawn from a total of 15 countries, namely: Australia, Brazil, England, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Portugal, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Singapore, Spain and Turkey.     

These Workshops were held as part of the international “ISCAP/IPP Accounting Webinar Series, convened by Cláudia Teixeira, Adjunct Professor at ISCAP/IPP, and supported by the Public Relations Office (GCRP) and the Centre for Social and Organizational Studies of P.Porto (CEOS.PP).  

During these two weeks, a lively and thoughtful international discussion and debate occurred and encouraged the perspective of accounting as technical, social and moral practice in order to enable accounting to help create a better world by means of the flourishing of organisations, people and nature (Carnegie, Parker and Tsahuridu, 2020, 2021).    

During the deliberations, Professor Garry Carnegie named the ISCAP/IPP tree, which featured in the photograph promoting the event, as “The Magnificent Tree”.  This tree may come to symbolise accounting under broader, more inclusive horizons, as proposed by these authors, to help create a better world for people, organisations and nature, including for this magnificent tree and for accounting itself. According to Professor Carnegie, "this worthy aim would be assisted considerably by taking a ‘macro-contributions’ approach, as opposed to a ‘micro-measurement’ approach, in the planning, organising and managing of our resources, whether financial or non-financial in kind, as well as in preserving and conversing our natural environment for humans and non-humans alike." 

Given the importance of the topic and the worldwide engagement of academics and IFAC (see below), among others, ISCAP/IPP is delighted to have hosted these Workshops, and to promote and advance this timely discussion and debate.   

ISCAP/IPP is most grateful to Professor Garry Carnegie for his insightful and engaging talks and for the opportunity to participate in this important international discussion and debate.  Thank you to all those who participated in the events.    

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