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Portuguese Language and Culture Course

Learning Portuguese is vital!

The Portuguese language has a remarkable multicultural position, being among the 10 most important languages spoken worldwide. It is a pluricontinental language (the most spoken in the southern hemisphere), currently with over 260 million speakers (3.7% of the world population), being also the official language of the nine member countries of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP) and the working or official language of international organisations such as the European Union, the African Union and Mercosur. 

Porto Accounting and Business School offers semester courses in Portuguese language and culture to mobility students.  The courses can now also be attended by external students who wish to acquire elementary knowledge  (A1 and/or A2) in Portuguese Language and Culture, depending upon availability of places.

The courses have the duration of one semester, with an average of 3 hours of lessons per week.

In the first semester, only level A1 is offered. In the second semester, both level A1 and level A2 are offered.

To attend A1 level, students do not require any previous knowledge of Portuguese. At A2 level, students must have attended a level A1 course or have previous formal or non-formal knowledge of Portuguese.


For further information, please contact the course director.


Duration (academic year 2022-2023):
1º Winter Semester:  19th September 2022 - 7th January 2023
2º Summer Semester: 20th February 2023 - 9th June 2023

Before the semester begins, the candidate must send an email to da@iscap.ipp.pt informing of his/her interest in attending the course and indicating the level (A1 or A2). The student will then be given credentials and be enrolled in the course.


Horas/ Hours
112 (48 contact hours + 64 autonomous work)

Instructional modality

Schedule (1 class - three hours per week)
A1 - Professor Carla Avelino:
Wednesday - 14h00 - 17h00 or Thursday - 08h30 - 11h30
A2 - Professor Joana Fernandes:
 – 08h30 - 11h30

Price (academic year 2022-2023)

Program director and contact
Director: Joana Fernandes, Phd
Contact: joanaf@iscap.ipp.pt