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 ISCAP Operations and Teaching Activity for Winter Semester 2020/2021 


Good morning dear colleagues and students

Please be informed that the Board of ISCAP has been working with different entities, namely the Porto Polytechnic and the competent Health Authorities in order to enforce all the recommended prevention measures within the new Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) infection. We also would like to appeal to the serenity and sense of responsibility of the entire Academic Community.

Thus, in compliance with the guidelines issued by the Directorate General for Health (DGS), the board of ISCAP has, since March 2, implemented the necessary internal procedures, namely the provision of an Isolation Room.

In addition to the emails sent by the Porto Polytechnic to the Academic Community, in compliance with the aforementioned guidelines, the Board of ISCAP reinforces the information on the procedures to be adopted in cases where a worker, student or other users of the facilities, show symptoms of this infection:

1. Workers and students with an epidemiological connection to and symptoms compatible with a possible COVID-19 infection who detect these symptoms while outside ISCAP’s facilities should not come to the School and should follow the DGS’ recommendations for these situations, which means to call the SNS 24 helpline (808 24 24 24) and comply with the given instructions, an then inform ISCAP of the situation: gcrp@iscap.ipp.pt ou 229050019;

2. If, under the same conditions, an employee, student or other user of these facilities detects these symptoms while inside ISCAP, the following procedures should be followed:

a) depending on the case, immediately inform the teacher, the head of service or the other users of the office in which you are located, and leave that space, towards  the Isolation Room (located on floor 0 next to the entrance to the Grand Auditorium / Canteen ), taking the shortest route possible, avoiding contact with other people and following all hygiene procedures;

b) before entering the Isolation Room, you must put on the disposable mask and gloves, which are next to the entrance door;

c) you must then contact the SNS 24 helpline, through the number 808 24 24 24, and follow the instructions that will be given;

d) then, using the telephone available in that room, you must contact the International Office by dialling 22189 and inform on the received instructions.

e) Whenever the alert is given in a classroom, office, or service or other enclosed spaces, the Security Service will inform the Board of ISCAP.

f) The members of the Security Service team who provide assistance to people in the aforementioned situations must put on the disposable mask and gloves before going to the place where their intervention is required. After providing support, said workers must follow basic hand hygiene instructions.

g) After use, protective masks and gloves should be discarded by the wearer exclusively in the containers provided for this purpose.

We are naturally counting on the collaboration of everyone, knowing that we will do everything to reduce and prevent the negative effects resulting from this situation.

Fernando Magalhães