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STAMP Online (Smart Teaching in Accounting - Meeting Place Online)

Name of the Project: STAMP-Online – Smart Teaching in Accounting - Meeting Place Online
Project Number: 2020-1-UK01-KA203-0XXXXX
Project Coordinator: Bournemouth University (England, United Kingdom)
Type of Project: Erasmus+ KA 2 Strategic Partnership for Higher Education
Project Lifetime: 1st of November 2020 until 31st of October 2023 

P3 – Fabrika 360 Ltd. (Bulgaria)
P4 – Instituto Politécnico do Porto (Portugal)
P5 – Fundacja Promocji Inicjatyw Spolecznych POLPROM (Poland) 

Aims and Objectives:
General objective
Develop key skills and abilities of students in accounting to meet the needs of employers in the digital age

Specific objectives
O.S.1 Supporting individuals in acquiring and developing basic skills and key competences
O.S.2 Sustainable investment, quality and efficiency of education, training and youth systems

O.S.3 Innovative practices in the digital age 

Coordination of the project in ISCAP / Researchers involved:
Amélia Silva (Coord.)

R&D Unit: