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Publicado em: 20 Dezembro 2018

Rosalina Babo, docente do ISCAP, lança novo livro

Social Network Analytics: Computational Research Methods and Techniques

Na sequência do livro da prestigiada Springer “Social Networks Science: Design, Implementation, Security, and Challenges” a Professora Rosalina Babo apresenta um novo livro sobre a mesma temática, desta vez com publicação da Elsevier.

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“Social Network Analytics: Computational Research Methods and Techniques focuses on various technical concepts and aspects of social network analysis. The book features the latest developments and findings in this emerging area of research. In addition, it includes a variety of applications from several domains, such as scientific research, and the business and industrial sectors. The technical aspects of analysis are covered in detail, including visualizing and modeling, network theory, mathematical models, the big data analytics of social networks, multidimensional scaling, and more.

As analyzing social network data is rapidly gaining interest in the scientific research community because of the importance of the information and insights that can be culled from the wealth of data inherent in the various aspects of the network, this book provides insights on measuring the relationships and flows between people, groups, organizations, computers, URLs, and more.”


Rosalina Babo is a coordinator Professor at the Porto Accounting and Business School / Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal, and the head of the Information Systems Department. Rosalina Babo was a member of the university scientific board for more than 12 years. She was one of the founders (2006) of the CEOS.PP (former CEISE/STI research center) and was its director until 2011. Her main areas of research are e-learning, usability, e-commerce and social networks analytics.

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