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Publicado em: 15 Fevereiro 2019

Abertas as candidaturas para o Porto Design Accelerator

A segunda edição desta iniciativa será feita em coparceria com a Startup Porto do Politécnico do Porto, o TICE.pt a e Associação Porto Digital

Porto Design Accelerator is the StartUP PortoAssociação TICE.PT and ScaleUp Porto. leading initiative to support innovation in design-based consumer goods through the entrepreneurial creation, launch, and growth of businesses.

This accelerator, aims to support the emergence of a new generation of startups, products and technologies from the fields of health technologies, furniture, fashion (textiles, clothing and footwear), metal mechanics, production of machines and molds, automobile and aerospace, cork, ceramics and new emerging products.

Porto Design Accelerator will provide a tailor-made educational program and connection with the ecosystem of Entrepreneurship, with key stakeholders in the manufacturing industries, and with mentors, experts and the prototyping resources needed to turn promising ideas into innovative products. At the end of this period, teams will deliver their results to the industrial and entrepreneurial community, “demo day ". From then on, the teams will benefit from an additional 12-week period, where the Porto Design Accelerator will help leverage the scale of the business by connecting teams with the world's most important development programs, with key customers, distributors, producers 
and the main investors.

Porto Design Accelerator, 2nd edition applications are open until 17th of February.

You can apply and learn all about the accelerator program 
at: portodesignaccelerator.com

 | +351 22 557 1020
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