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YE FITR 2014 – From Idea to Realization (Youth Exchange)

Name of the Project: From Idea to Realization

Project number: CZ-11-E119-2013-R3

Project Coordinator: University of South Bohemia [CZ] | Contact person: Kamil Pícha Ing. Ph.D.

Type of Project: Youth in Action, Action 1.1

Mobility period: from the 4th to the 13th of April 2014

Aims and Objectives:

From idea to realization is an international educative programme which will be held in the Czech Republic in April 2014. The whole duration is 10 days and the participants will arrive from 6 different countries all over Europe. The main topic is the entrepreneurship and cultural exchange. During the non-formal activities participants will improve their presentation skills, communication skills, will learn how to start their own business and will also have a great opportunity to create a new network of friends or future business partners from other countries. Thanks to different activities they will become more self-confident and will be more open to other cultures. All activities will be non-formal and the approach "learning by doing" will be used.



· P1 – Slovenia

· P2 – Lithuania

· P3 – Portugal | Contact person: Ana Pinto Lima

· P4 – Poland

· P5 – Germany


Portuguese students involved:

· Ana Beatriz Fontes da Silva Pacheco Maia | 2130473 | MKT 1.º ano

· Diogo Pinto Monteiro | 2110506 | MKT 3.º ano

· Marília Ribeiro Viterbo | 2110080 | MKT 3.º ano

· Vera Lúcia Neves Coelho| 2110563 | MKT 3.º ano

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