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ReEntry – Supports for Refugee Entrepreneurs to Create Normality in a Difficult Surrounding

Name of the Project: ReEntry – Supports for Refugee Entrepreneurs to Create Normality in a Difficult Surrounding
Project Number: 2016-1-IE01-KA202-016863
Project Coordinator: Meath Community Rural and Social Development Partnership Limited (Ireland)
Type of Project: ERASMUS+ (Strategic Partnerships for Vocational and Educational Training – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices – Exchanges of practices)
Project Lifetime: 1st of September 2016 until 28th of February 2018 (18 months) 

P1 – E-C-C Verein für interdisziplinäre Bildung und Beratung (Austria)
P2 – INTEGRA INSTITUT, Institut za razvoj clovekovih potentialov (Slovenia)
P3 -  QUALED – Obcianske zdruzenie pre Kvalifikáciu a vdelávanje (Slovakia)
P4 – KTP - Spolecnost pro Kvalifikaci Na Trhu Prace (Czech Republic)
P5 – Instituto Politécnico do Porto (Portugal)

VET: Promoting work-based learning in all its forms, with special attention to apprenticeship-type training
VET: Further developing quality assurance mechanisms in VET
HORIZONTAL: Inclusive education, training and youth

Aims and Objectives:

The  overall objective of our strategic partnership is to provide an overview about projects, initiatives and methods which support and facilitate refugee entrepreneurship. In order to reach this objective, the specific objectives are:

1) to implement an e-platform with access to initiatives and learning information materials that have been identified and collected in the course of the project, especially concerning market conditions, policies and administrational settings, entrepreneurship skills and initiatives, the mind-set, skills and knowledge to generate creative ideas; and finally about support programmes for immigrant entrepreneurs;

2) to summarize the findings in a “Catalogue for Immigrant Entrepreneurs” that will give an overview about the current situation of the specific project environment in the partners’ countries, and present the initiatives, projects and materials with explanations in all languages of the partnership;

3) to implement also an online interactive forum for networking, exchange of  experience and good practice that makes use of Skype’s real-time translation in 8 spoken and 50 written languages, thus breaking down language barriers between users from different countries, and supporting ideas, foster exchange and assist initiatives that build both livelihoods and a sense of normality.

Coordination of the project in ISCAP / Researchers involved:
Prof. Anabela Mesquita
Prof. Paula Peres

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