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BT in SME – Business Transfer in Small and Medium Enterprises (Leonardo da Vinci)

Project Name: Business Transfer in Small and Medium Enterprises
Project Acronym: BT in SME
Contract no.: 2009-1-NL1-LEO05-01625
Applicant Organisation: Avans Hogeschool (NL)
Programme: Leonardo da Vinci – Transfer of Innovation
Beginning Year: 2009 


Partner 1 – European Educative Projects (NL) | Contact Person: Jos Paulusse
Partner 2 – Syntra-Limburg (BE) | Contact Person: Chris Venken
Partner 3 – European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (BE) | Contact Person: Peter Hodgson
Partner 4 – Berufsforerderungswerk Nuernberg Gmbh (DE) | Contact Person: Heinrich Moethe
Partner 5 – Kauno Regioninis Inovaciju Centras (LT) | Contact Person: Vaiva Kelmelyte
Partner 6 – Stichting Bevordering Plattelandsvernieuwing Europa (NL) | Contact Person: Tanja Nijsten
Partner 7 – Instituto Superior de Contabilidade e Administração do Porto (PT) | Contact Person: Paulino Silva

Project coordinator: Peter Ter Horst | Avans Hogeschool (NL)

Person authorised to sign the EU grant agreement: Peter Ter Horst (Lector Innovatief Ondernemen)

Main Objective: this project aims to adapt and to adjust/improve and to test a European program for training institutes that helps SME entrepreneurs to transfer their company to a new entrepreneur (son/daughter, employee, external person). This program supports Educational institutes, to increase and to improve awareness and preparation on Business Transfer at VET/Higher Education students and parents-entrepreneurs in order to prevent loss of employment, capital and income!

To reach the entrepreneurs and their successors, the partners establish local/regional platforms of expert organisations and persons (chambers of commerce, education, organisations of SME's, notary, accountancy, etc.). Because of the vulnerable theme, acquisition must be personal. These platforms can give more details about the required content of a European program for BT and can interest their members and relations for this program.

The developed program facilitates VET/HE institutes to offer this kind of guidance, stimulates these institutes to pay attention to training needs of (graduated) students and the entrepreneurs and so improves the quality of the educational program.

Summary: The characteristic of the Lifelong Learning program is transfer of innovation, and partner SYNTRA makes experience, knowledge and materials available to the training partners in this project. The program, the learning materials and examples have been discussed in wp1-2. We (training-partners) test, adapt and improve the program, the materials and/or the examples. The established platforms contribute to the plan of operation of the program because of their expertise (rules & regulations, tax, accountancy, socio-economic expertise).

Execution of the program in which potential transfers between predecessors (parents-entrepreneurs) and successors (children / employees / third persons) participate is the core of this activity (including the production of a transfer plan).

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