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DEMS - Developing E-marketing Skills for the Business Market

Name of the Project: DEMS - Developing E-marketing Skills for the Business Market
Project Number: 2021-1-PL01-KA220-HED-000032209
Project Coordinator: Gdańsk University of Technology | Gdańsk Tech (Poland)
Type of Project: Erasmus+ KA220-HED - Cooperation partnerships in higher education
Project Lifetime: 1st of November 2021 until 31st of October 2024 

P2 – TUAS – Turku University of Applied Sciences (Finland)
P3 – Instituto Politécnico do Porto (Portugal)
P4 – Stichting Hogeschool Utrecht (The Netherlands) 

Aims and Objectives
The project is aimed to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To define SMEs actual workforce needs in digital marketing, which will help to identify the precise learning needs
  2. To design a transversal curriculum with learning outcomes that reflect the labor market needs and the critical learning areas of students
  3. To initiate the ‘digitalization’ of less experienced teachers and reinforce the pioneering teachers with inspiring and cooperative training activities
  4. To boost graduates´ digital marketing skills by delivering five high-quality and accessible training modules in digital marketing
  5. To practice these courses with a wide range of business students.


Primarily, the mentioned activities concern HEI business teachers and students in Poland, Finland, Portugal, and The Netherlands, with an objective to reach 20% of them. In addition, it is obvious that digital marketing skills are also attractive for teachers and students in other faculties such as engineering and ICT. 

Coordination of the project in ISCAP / Researchers involved
António Correia de Barros (Coord.)
José Santos
Paulo Pires
Paula Carvalho

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