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SAP Next Lab Colaborative International Industrial Project


Polytechnic of Porto and Victoria University | Outubro 20, 2022

"On October 20, I had the pleasure to participate and speak in the event SAP Academic Community Conference Portugal 2022 #SAPACC, co-hosted by #GUSP2022, SAP University Alliances Iberoamerican team and SAP University Competence Center at the Technical University of Munich (UCC TUM), that took place live in Porto. 

The event presented the opportunity to meet and discover new SAP topics with SAP experts of the management and academic world. I shared my experience with the presentation “SAP Next Lab Collaborative International Industrial Project Polytechnic of Porto and Victoria University”. 

The sessions included a great real-world example of international university collaboration: The Capstone project, jointly between Rosalina Bessa Babo of Porto Accounting and Business School and Dr. Scott Bingley of Victoria University in Australia, that uses SAP Cloud Analytics to enable collaboration between technical and business users.

This International Project allowed the students to use the SAP system, contact with a real-world experience, gain experience with collaborative work, and grasp an idea of professional context."


Apresentação disponível para download