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1ª Conferência Internacional de Audiovisual da APTRAD



03 > 04.04.2020 · 09:00 > 19:00


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3 e 4 de abril de 2020 | ISCAP

The audiovisual industry today is producing more material than ever and the impact it has on our daily lives has never been greater. This increased production is thanks to technology, which has enabled the development of new cultural and trade links. Audiovisual translation thus takes on a new depth, without which none of this would be possible.

Audiovisual translation is much more than subtitling, it also encompasses dubbing and accessibility modalities, in particular subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing, and audio description. The aim of this International Conference is to discuss all the paths of audiovisual translation that shape this reality.

Let us together explore the old and new paths and prepare for the future of audiovisual translation to the fullest extent, without fearing the unknown. Join us in Porto, Portugal, to break new ground in audiovisual translation, in what will be an historic event for AVT and its professionals!





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