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Publicado em: 21 Fevereiro 2017

Testemunho Internacional

Andreea Matei, Universitatea “Constantin Brâncoveanu”

My name is Matei Andreea-Maria and I’m for the second time an Erasmus student at ISCAP P.Porto. My first experience was in 2014-2015 when I did both programs: internship and studies while being an undergraduate student. Now, as a student in the first year of a master, I decided to do another internship for 10 months at this university.

Applying for these Erasmus scholarships, internship and studies, was the best idea I ever had. This experience was and still is the best of my student life.

This exchange program offered me the opportunity to travel, meet new people, study in a different system and culture, improve my English, learn new languages, but the most important was me increasing my self-confidence.  I was able to adjust to a totally different cultural environment and it offered me the chance to self-improve and rediscover, to know and learn, to have fun and make friends all over Europe and beyond.

I believe that the Erasmus program is one of the most fulfilling experiences for a student during his studies. This period helps you grow, to become an independent person and gives you the chance to manage difficult situations by yourself. It prepares you for adult life and gives you new perspectives. This program develops a person personally and professionally.

One of the reasons which sustained my decision to come to Porto was the weather. Mild winters where temperatures rarely drop below 5ºC along the coast, hot summers refreshed by the Atlantic breeze and the highest number of hours of sunshine in Europe is a dream come true.

The city is full of history and it has the most amazing views. It’s set on a beautiful river with tons of amazing architecture, great food, very good wine, scenic bridges, beaches and castles.

Portuguese people are nice, kind, friendly and open-minded. They will try very hard to make you feel at home and help you in any problem you have.

The nightlife is unique. If you are the one who enjoy clubbing and partying, you will love Porto. The best clubs are on Rua Galeria de Paris. On this street you will find only clubs with great music, Latino beats and cheap drinks.

It is impossible not to fall in love with Porto. I just couldn’t stay away, I had to come back. Porto is amazing!

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