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09 > 09.11.2018 · 18:30 > 20:00


Sala 222

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In this session professor Luis Alonso Bacigalupe will offer an overview of some of the major changes of interpretation studies over the last 70 years from the point of view of the relationship between information processing and adaptation of interpreter's work to market needs. 

His presentation will deal specifically with the cognitive issues revolving around simultaneous interpreting (SI), from the earlier prescriptions of the so-called practitioners’ period to current SI practice and research, unveiling afterwards some of the potential features of what appears to be the future (or at least one of the potential major transformations) in the practice of SI.

Therefore, in the second part of his talk he will present some of the projects and initiatives of his research group, the main purpose of which is the development of new accessibility services for broadcasting in the media and international conferences, where the University of Vigo is at the forefront of major advances at international level.

Consequently, both intralingual and interlingual respeaking practice, techniques and initiatives will be presented and discussed, paying particular attention to the wide range of activities there involved, from research in intra and interlingual respeaking, to training issues and professional respeaking practice and their implications for the future of the interpreter-respeaker profession. 

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