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29 > 29.05.2018 · 09:00 > 18:30


Grande Auditório do ISCAP

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The 4th edition

The fourth edition of the International Conference on Interpreting – “Are you serious? – Interpreting Humour, Slang and Unexpected discourses – Joinin 2018”, will be held on May 29, 2018 at the Porto Accounting and Business School ISCAP-P.Porto, Portugal.

Joinin 2018 continues fostering the debate on Interpretation to consolidate academic areas of research and to contribute to the development of the teaching practices. This year’s event aims to, once again, bring together teachers, students and interpretation professionals sharing their experiences on interpreting unexpected utterances such as humour, slang, socially offensive and/or aggressive language, teasing, gossiping, obscenities, among others.

If we define Interpretation as conveying understanding between two cultures, how much is lost when unexpected utterances arise? We invite you to participate in this event and address the challenges of rendering these types of unconventional discourses in conference settings.

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