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Publicado em: 13 Março 2017

Estudantes Internacionais integrados numa comunidade

Estudantes Internacionais participam em atividades de celebração dos 32 anos do Politécnico do Porto
On the 25th of February, Politécnico do Porto celebrated 32 years of existence. On Friday 24th, students from the different faculties of the institute gathered in the gardens of ESE – Escola Superior de Educação and took part in the human logo activity.
Two representatives from ComAp (Committee for International Students), Rita Macedo and Vanessa Matos, participated in this activity, as well as two international students, Atif Hisim(Germany) and Dominykas Graibus (Lithuania).

By attending this kind of events, we believe that international students will integrate better in the academic community, because they have the chance to meet new Portuguese people. Therefore, they will be able to take more from their international experience, as they will have a closer relationship with the Portuguese culture and habits. It is essential for the international students to mingle within the locals in order to immerse themselves.

“I liked the event because it was an opportunity to integrate better in the whole university life, to feel like a local. I would be glad if the programme could have lasted longer, with activities involving students from all of the faculties “, Dominykas.
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