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Pós-graduação em Gestão de Bibliotecas Escolares (Evening Classes)

The Graduate Course in School Library Management is a training aimed at the management of information services integrated in an educational context, namely, Educational Resource Centers or School Libraries.

The course includes knowledge and skills in three areas: Information Science, Educational Sciences and Information and Communication Technologies. Equivalent to 30 ECTS. The training takes place in 2 semesters on a post-employment basis twice a week and is provided by ISCAP faculty and information science professionals.


Provide trainees with special information and library skills to enable them to organize, manage and streamline school libraries in the context of 21st century challenges. In line with that defined in Joint Order No. 198/99 of 3 March, which points out the competences of holders of specialized training in the area of ​​Educational Communication and Information Management within the Educational Resource Centers, and the Ordinance 756/2009, of July 14.

The course has been credited by the Scientific-Pedagogical Council of Continuing Education.


Librarian teachers, school library coordinators / educational resource centers, inter-council coordinators for school libraries / educational resource centers, library function teachers, School Library Support Services staff within municipal libraries.

Teachers librarians

School Library team members

Qualified teaching professionals who wish to coordinate school libraries.

Teachers with interests in the area of ​​School Libraries

Graduates from any subject area

Other interested in the course topics.