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Pós-graduação em Estudos Culturais Russos (Evening Classes)

The post-graduate course in Russian Cultural Studies aims to provide all those who work or intend to work in the areas of Advisory and Corporate Communication, having the Russian language as main tool of work and communication with the skills and techniques necessary to work in companies already present or about to enter the Russian market, and indispensable to perform complex tasks in specialized domains.

To achieve this objective, students are stimulated to acquire competences on various levels, namely:

1. Linguistic and discursive competences in the Russian Language (oral and written);

2. Research competences concerning the acquisition and processing of information in Russian;

3. Cultural competence, i.e., the ability to recognize and to apply the knowledge resulting from the constant analysis of the Other, an ability essential to a correct understanding of concepts and behaviors in the light of the Russian Culture.

4. Competence in areas of specialization through the acquisition of knowledge in specific domains of the language, only possible through a careful analysis of the interlocutor's communicative behavior.

Scheme: classes with tutorial support.

Duration: 2 Semesters.

Each of the curricular units requires 30 hours of conact classes per semester, and 138 hours of individual work: practical work, research in the library or at home, as well as tests or other forms of assessment.


1º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Russo de Negócios Annual 12.0
Comportamento Comunicacional Annual 6.0
Panorama do Mundo das Artes na Russia Annual 4.0
Panorama da História e Filosofia Russas da Época Contemporânea Annual 4.0
Panorama da Literatura Russa da Época Contemporânea Annual 4.0
2º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Aspetos Interculturais das Negociações Internacionais Annual 4.0
Russo Para a Atividade Turística Annual 10.0
Geografia Regional e Turística Annual 6.0
Mentalidade, Tradições e Estereótipos Comportamentais Annual 6.0
Panorama do Mercado e das Instituições Russas Annual 4.0
  • • Commercial and industrial companies
  • • Tourism agencies, hotels and resorts
  • • Enterprises in the field of event organization, both at enterprise and cultural level
  • • Enterprises in the field of market prospecting
  • • New export companies
  • • Advertising companies, as well as institutions responsible for the organization of trade fairs, either in Portugal or in Russia, as well as in countries, where Russian remains a business language
  • • Logistic support to joint research projects, promoted in partnership with Russian institutions
  • • Banking institutions with connections to Russia

Be holder of a bachelor degree and have knowledge of the Russian Language at the level B1-B2.