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FINANCES – FINancial Awareness for Citizens with Enriched Skills

Name of the Project: FINANCES – FINancial Awareness for Citizens with Enriched Skills
Project Number: 2019-1-HU01-KA204-061248
Project Coordinator: Kistarcsai Kulturalis Egyesulet (Hungary)
Type of Project: Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education
Project Lifetime: 1st of November 2019 until 30th of October 2021 

Die Berater Unternehmensberatungs Gesellschaft MBH (AT)
Unione Nazionale Consumatori Umbria (IT)
Instituto Politécnico do Porto (Portugal)
EURO-training (BG)
Innovation Training Center, S.L. (ES)
Xenios Polis. Culture, Science and Action (GR)
CSI Center for Social Innovation Ltd (CY) 

Aims and Objectives

The project’s outputs and activities have been informed by the overriding objective of developing benchmarking and governance tools to help develop open and inclusive education and training resources, tools and policies. In order to successfully achieve these objectives, the project is expected to produce a number of short, medium and long-term results.

·         IO1 - Curriculum and Open Resource Toolbox

·         IO2 - Interactive Online Learning Environment

·         IO3 - Training and Policy Adaptation Guide (Interactive eBook)


Coordination of the project in ISCAP / Researchers involved
Prof. Amélia Silva
Prof. Maria José Angélico
Prof. Sandrina Teixeira
Prof. Luciana Oliveira
Prof. José Vale
Prof. Anabela Mesquita 

R&D Unit