Testemunho Internacional | Vitaly Buklakov

In terms of studying, the semester turned out to be a memorable one. One little difficulty was the difference in the learning process between Russia and Europe (for example, evaluation of 20-point system, a different approach to the presentations, projects, etc.). However, responsive and friendly teachers willingly explained all the details of the student life, as well as advising on if I had any questions of a different kind. Also, we were all appointed to a personal assistant teacher (Tutor teacher), with whom we discussed the issues in more detail such as education and accommodation.


Of course, it is worth mentioning that a huge plus of ISCAP is the functioning of the organization that welcomes the international students, on a voluntary basis - COMAP (Committee for International Students of Iscap). This is the group of students and university graduates who have helped us to get to know each other and to create on us a really good first impression of Porto and Portuguese hospitality. 


Porto is an incredibly beautiful city. There is nothing similar in Russia. One of the most fascinating places in the city is Luis I Bridge , which connects the city of Porto with Gaia. The tram museum, the library Lello, and Crystal Palace are some of the places you absolutely have to visit in the city. Also, every football match in Porto is a holiday, which is waiting for and meet the entire city. On the streets, in the subway, at the stadium - the atmosphere is everywhere, as a party who thinks that you are the happiest person in the world.


Fonte: Comap

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